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Ultra-low power sensor system for disaster event detection in metro tunnel systems

: Vincke, Jonah; Kempf, Scott; Schnelle, Niklas; Horch, Clemens; Schäfer, Frank

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Sensors & Transducers Journal 212 (2017), No.5, pp.15-22
ISSN: 2306-8515
ISSN: 1726-5479
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF
181137; SenSE4Metro
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer EMI ()
ultra-low power; wireless sensor network; energy harvesting; tunnel system; natural disaster management

In this extended paper, the concept for an ultra-low power wireless sensor network (WSN) for underground tunnel systems is presented highlighting the chosen sensors. Its objectives are the detection of emergency events either from natural disasters, such as flooding or fire, or from terrorist attacks using explosives. Earlier works have demonstrated that the power consumption for the communication can be reduced such that the data acquisition (i.e. sensor sub-system) becomes the most significant energy consumer. By using ultra-low power components for the smoke detector, a hydrostatic pressure sensor for water ingress detection and a passive acoustic emission sensor for explosion detection, all considered threats are covered while the energy consumption can be kept very low in relation to the data acquisition. In addition to 1 the sensor system is integrated into a sensor board. The total average power consumption for operating the sensor sub-system is measured to be 35.9 µW for lower and 7.8 µW for upper nodes.