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Geometric Accuracy of a Design Based Process Chain Simulation in Comparison to the Results of Real Car Body Manufacturing

Presentation held at Automotive Engineering Expo, Prozesskette Karosserie - Vom Konzept zur Endmontage, 30.-31.05.2017, Nürnberg
Maßhaltigkeitsanalyse einer auf CAD basierenden Prozesskettensimulation im Vergleich zum real Karosseriebauprozess
: Ackert, Patrick; Schwarz, Christian; Mauermann, Reinhard

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Created on: 9.6.2017

2017, 27 Folien
Automotive Engineering Congress <3, 2017, Nürnberg>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Car Body Process Chain; FEM; Geometric Accuracy; principal component analysis

With increasing complexity of vehicle design, the numerical car body process chain analysis during the planning phase gets a noticeable dominant role. This lecture will focus on springback and accuracy analysis along the complete process chain. In cooperation between Audi AG and Fraunhofer IWU numerical methods will be introduced and each single step from deep drawing till complete assembly evaluated with regard to its influence on the dimensional accuracy and applicability in practice. For this the entire process chain for the production of an assembly was experimentally metrological accompanied and compared with the numerical generated results. The center of attention lies on the question, which quality level can be achieved on design data based simulation in comparison with the real process, with modified tool surfaces, stiffness influences and tolerances in the construction of the tools. Based on the results, the causes of differences between simulation and reality and approaches for better representation are discussed.