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Process for joining metallic objects comprises using a rotating friction stud to heat and plasticize the objects so that they can be welded together.
: Gruetzner, H.; Horn, H.

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DE 2000-10042034 A: 20000826
DE 2000-10050477 A: 20001012
EP 2001-971917 A: 20010816
EP 1313589 A1: 20030528
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WO 200218089 A UPAB: 20020528 NOVELTY - Joining a first object (1) made of a metallic foam material to a second metallic object (2) in a connecting region (7) comprises moving a rotating friction stud (6) between the objects in the connecting region in a friction fit so that the objects are heated and plasticized as a result of friction and pressure exerted on the objects by the stud and then welding the two objects together. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Preferred Features: The friction stud is rotated so that the rotary movement promotes material transport between the two objects. The metal of the metallic foam is made of aluminum, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, lead or their alloys, preferably bronze or brass. USE - Used in the production of metallic composites. ADVANTAGE - A stable mechanical joint is produced and the cellular structure is not destroyed.