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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Mikrokapseln

Production of microcapsules with liquid or solid contents, e.g. perfume, ink or adhesives, involves forming the capsule walls from polyurea-containing material with crosslinked functional groups.
: Schmidt, F.G.; Pawlik, A.; Rafler, G.; Lang, J.; Friedrich, R.

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DE 2001-10156672 A: 20011117
DE 2001-10156672 A: 20011117
WO 2002-EP11736 A: 20021019
DE 10156672 A1: 20030528
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Dispergierverfahren zur Herstellung von polyharnstoffbasierten Mikrokapseln mit fluessigem, suspensionshaltigem oder festem Kapselkern. Zur Verkapselung wird ein Isocyanat/Amin-System eingesetzt, das aus der waessrigen Phase heraus die Mikrokapselwand bildet. Zur morphologischen Modifizierung der Kapselwand werden zusaetzlich vernetzende Komponenten genutzt.


WO2003042274 A UPAB: 20030723 NOVELTY - A method for the production of polyurea-based microcapsules with liquid and/or solid contents, in which the capsule walls are produced from polyurea-containing material containing functional groups crosslinked with a crosslinker. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (1) microcapsules with reinforced walls obtained by this method; and (2) microcapsules with walls of polyurea-containing material hardened with a crosslinker. USE - As receptacles for content materials, as receptacles which release the contents under pressure, as micro-storage devices, as components in electronic displays or as micro-reactors (claimed). Contents include perfumes, ink, adhesives and magnetic or dielectric materials. ADVANTAGE - Enables the production of microcapsules with a high level of wall stability and inertness towards a wide range of content materials (water-insoluble or -immiscible solids, liquids and suspensions etc.) combined with very low permeability for organic solvents.