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"Lifeblood knowledge": Dynamic relational capabilities (DRC) and knowledge for firm innovativeness and competitive advantage

: Weissenberger-Eibl, Marion A.; Schwenk, Johann


Measuring business excellence 13 (2009), No.2, pp.7-16
ISSN: 1368-3047
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
competitive strategy; Innovation; knowledge management

The purpose of the underlying paper is to strengthen and develop the theory around (dynamic) relational capabilities for firm innovativeness and competitive advantage with focus on the resource knowledge. Therefore one objective is the development of a theoretical concept of DRC within the research fields of social system‐theory, relational and capability‐based view. Another goal is the evolvement of the four DRC concerning the interorganizational knowledge transfer between firms. The theoretical part is based on a literature analysis in strategic management research. The authors propose a theoretical framework – DRC – predicated on social system‐theory, relational and capability‐based view. The discussion concludes by providing management implications for implementation of DRC to practitioners in firms. The outcome of this paper contributes to the underlying conceptual work for strategic and knowledge management of firms. In detail a theoretical concept – DRC – for managing knowledge to generate innovativeness and competitiveness is developed. Furthermore, the paper provides some management implications on macro‐, meso‐, and micro‐level of firms to implement them. For practitioners the paper gives implications for implementing the theoretical considerations. The concept has proven to be useful in improving the interorganizational knowledge transfer and innovativeness and competitive advantage in firms.