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Generalized correlations for mass transfer and pressure drop in fiber-based catalyst supports

: Reichelt, Erik; Jahn, Matthias


The chemical engineering journal 325 (2017), pp.655-664
ISSN: 1385-8947
ISSN: 0300-9467
ISSN: 0923-0467
ISSN: 0009-2487
ISSN: 1873-3212 (Online)
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
MI 509/19-2
Maßgeschneiderte keramische Katalysatorträgerstrukturen für heterogen katalysierte Reaktionen
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
mass transfer; pressure drop; fiber-based catalyst supports; low Reynolds numbers

Fiber-based catalyst supports are of increasing interest for different catalytic applications. So far, no reliable correlations for mass transfer and pressure drop with a wide range of applicability are available. The paper shows that in both cases correlations for packed beds of spheres can be applied if the Sauter diameter is used as characteristic length. The findings are confirmed with help of a comparison to literature data and own experimental results on mass transfer and pressure drop. The generalized correlations simplify the design of novel fiber-based supports and of the corresponding reactors.