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Numerical modeling-based design of the newly developed nonisothermal glass molding process for complex glass optics

: Vu, Anh Tuan; Kreilkamp, Holger; Liu, Gang; Dambon, Olaf; Klocke, Fritz

Glass Service -GS-, Velke Karlovice:
13th International Seminar on Furnace Design - Operation & Process Simulation 2015. Proceedings : 17.06.2015, Velké Karlovice, Czech Republic
Velke Karlovice: Glass Service, 2015
International Seminar on Furnace Design - Operation & Process Simulation <13, 2015, Velké Karlovice>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
FE-Simulation; nonisothermal glass molding; LED optics

Glass molding has become a key replication-based technology to satisfy intensively growing demands from the dynamic optic market on high levels of shape accuracy, surface quality and complex geometry of glass optics. However, the state-of-the-art replicative methods remain low efficiency to meet the requirements of mass production. A new generation of glass molding concept, defined as Non-isothermal Glass Molding (NGM), has been recently developed by Fraunhofer IPT whereby the heating and annealing stages of glass are carried out externally. This newly developed NGM technology turns out a promising innovative technology for cost-efficient manufacturing because of raw material save, less energy consumption and high throughput from a fast process chain. Major challenges for further development of NGM process chain derive from the process dynamic itself and complexity of glass behavior under extreme process conditions, i.e. high temperature, fast molding with high pressure. This research introduces an innovative design concept whereby numerical modeling-assisted modules are introduced at the early stage to standardize and accelerate the NGM process design. The successful modeling, therefore, provides a systematic strategy for glass preform design, mold compensation, and optimization of process parameters. In conclusion, the integration of simulation modeling into the entire NGM process chain will significantly increase the manufacturing efficiency of complex glass optics as well as industrial enterprises competitiveness.