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Posterolateral plate fixation with Talarlock® is more stable than screw fixation in ankle arthrodesis in a biomechanical cadaver study

: Gutteck, N.; Martin, H.; Hanke, T.; Matthies, J.B.; Heilmann, A.; Kielstein, H.; Gradl, G.; Delank, K.S.; Wohlrab, D.


Foot and ankle surgery 24 (2018), No.3, pp.208-212
ISSN: 1268-7731
ISSN: 1460-9584
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ( IMWS) ()

A number of studies report on limitations of the screw arthrodesis in severe malalignment of the hindfoot, neuropathic deformity, poor bone quality and osteoporosis.
Fourteen anatomically correct polyurethane foam models of the right leg (Sawbones Europe, Malmö, Sweden) and eighteen fresh-frozen human lower leg specimens (9 pairs) were used for the comparative biomechanical testing.
The statistical analysis of the stiffness of the fixation developed a significant difference in favor of the plate in all test directions.
The excellent biomechanical results are very promising and we hope for a reduction of the pseudarthrosis rate and shorten the postoperative treatment phase.