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Thermoplastische biologisch abbaubare Polysaccharidderivate, Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung und ihre Verwendung

Thermoplastic, biodegradable polysaccharide ether ester for fibres - prepd. by esterification of the polysaccharide with anhydride and reaction of free carboxyl gps. with an epoxide, for heat stable prods.
: Engelhardt, J.; Koch, W.; Szablikowski, K.; Weber, G.; Kalbe, J.; Koch, R.; Mueller, H.P.; Fink, H.P.; Weigel, P.

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DE 1995-19529410 A: 19950810
DE 1995-19529410 A: 19950810
EP 1996-112209 A: 19960729
DE 19529410 A1: 19970213
EP 761689 A1: 19970312
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft neue thermoplastische, biologisch abbaubare Polysaccharidetherester, wie z. B. Celluloseetherester oder Staerkeetherester, sowie die Herstellung solcher Mischpfropfpolymerisate aus Polysacchariden, Epoxiden und Dicarbonsaeureanhydriden und deren Verarbeitung unter Zugabe von Weichmachern und/oder nach Zumischen von anderen biologisch abbaubaren Polymeren zu Fasern, Folien, Membranen und anderen Formkoerpern.


DE 19529410 A UPAB: 19970320 Thermoplastic, biodegradable polysaccharide ether esters are of formula (I): Polysaccharide-O-R (I) R = either: (i) a mono- or polymeric substd. X; or (ii) depending on the degree of substitution with X, also H and/or 1-4 (pref. 1 - 2)C alkyl; X = -A-BA'-; A, A' = linear polyether chains of formula (-D-O)n or (-D-O)mH respectively; D = 2-11C aliphatic chain; n = 0 or an integer; m = 1 or higher; B = -C(O)-E-C(O)-O-; E = aromatic or aliphatic C framework opt. further substd.; and ratio A' : B = 0.1 or higher. Also claimed is prepn. of the thermoplastic, biodegradable polysaccharide ether ester. USE - (I) are used in fibres, films, membranes and mouldings (claimed) made by extrusion or injection moulding of compsns. contg. at least up to 10 % (I), the compsns. also contg. a plasticiser and/or another degradable polymer e.g. starch, cellulose, poly-lactide-glycolide, polyhydroxybutyric acid, polyesteramide or polyurethane, the starch being used at pref. 10-90 (esp. 20-80) wt. %. The starch can also act as a plasticiser for (I). ADVANTAGE - Heat-stable extrudable prods. are obtd. Reaction with epoxide during mfr. can be effected using standard solvents. Mixing with short cellulose fibres (e.g. pulp) gives a reinforcing effect. Biodegradability is independent of the degree of substitution. (I) has, in small amts., the effect of strongly reducing the water absorption of starch.