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Thermoelectric converter, e.g. a Peltier cooler, is produced using semiconductor processing technology to form a sandwich of series-connected thermocouples between two bonded wafers.
: Schlereth, K.; Schubert, A.; Acklin, B.; Boettner, H.

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DE 1998-19845104 A: 19980930
EP 1999-969849 AW: 19990929
WO 1999-DE3136 A: 19990929
EP 1118127 B1: 20051109
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DE 19845104 A UPAB: 20000522 NOVELTY - Thermoelectric converter production, comprises forming a sandwich of series-connected thermocouples and their conductor lines (3, 6) between two bonded wafers (1, 2). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a process for producing a thermoelectric converter having series-connected thermocouple cells connected together by first conductor lines (3), each cell comprising first and second conductivity type thermoelectric material bodies (4,5) which are connected together by a second conductor line (6) and which are arranged in a sandwich manner between first and second electrically insulating or insulation coated substrate wafers (1,2). The process comprises: (a) producing the first conductor lines (3) on the first wafer (1) and the second conductor lines (6) on the second wafer (2); (b) applying a thermoelectric material layer (11) on one or each wafer on the same side as the conductor lines (3, 6) and then photomasking and etching the layer to form the first and second bodies (4, 5); and (c) bonding the wafers together such that the first and second conductor lines and the first and second bodies are located between the wafers to form the series-connected cells. USE - For producing a thermoelectric converter such as a Peltier cooler. ADVANTAGE - The process employs semiconductor processing technology to achieve a higher integration density of the thermocouple cells, for obtaining thermoelectric components of increased power density, and to reduce costs. The resulting converter can be easily integrated with microelectronic and/or micro-system elements on the same chip.