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Verfahren zur Isolierung von Erythrozyten

Isolating erythrocytes, useful e.g. for pretreatment of samples before polymerase chain reaction, by treatment with agent that promotes aggregation.
: Brunner, H.; Walitza, E.; Geray, J.; Vitzthum, F.; Tovar, G.

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DE 1999-19912120 A: 19990318
DE 1999-19912120 A: 19990318
WO 2000-EP2352 A: 20000316
DE 19912120 A1: 20000928
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein verbessertes Verfahren zur Isolierung interessierender Bestandteile aus biologischen Proben. Dabei werden die interessierenden Bestandteile an Makromolekuelen reversibel gebunden.


DE 19912120 A UPAB: 20001117 NOVELTY - Isolation of erythrocytes (E) comprising treating a sample with at least one substance (I) that promotes aggregation of (E), and separating the aggregates, is new. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a device for isolation of (E) comprising at least one (I) bound to a carrier. USE - The method is used to eliminate (E) from samples before polymerase chain reaction (where (E) act as inhibitors of chain extension), and to recover (E) for subsequent analysis. ADVANTAGE - The method is simpler and less expensive than conventional methods that require centrifugation or specific antibodies. No non-specific binding of leukocytes, viruses and bacteria to (I) occurs, so these do not become incorporated into the aggregates. (E) are reversibly bound to (I) and do not undergo hemolysis.