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Elektrisch kontaktierbare Maske zur Herstellung von dreidimensionalen Schaltungstraegern

Electrically contactable mask for making three-dimensional circuit carriers, is of metallic material, can be electrically contacted, and has structure of bridges corresponding to regions to be activated
: Poeckelmann, R.; Luethje, H.; Klages, C.; Matthee, T.

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DE 1999-19919753 A: 19990429
DE 1999-19919753 A: 19990429
DE 19919753 A1: 20001109
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft eine Maske, die eine stegfoermige Struktur hat und aus einem Metallmaterial oder Isolatormaterial besteht, zur Herstellung von dreidimensionalen Schaltungstraegern.


DE 19919753 A UPAB: 20010126 NOVELTY - The mask is made of a metallic material and can be electrically contacted. It has a structure of bridges, so that the courses of the bridges correspond essentially to those of the regions on a substrate to be activated. It contains more than one part and each part can be subjected to a different voltage. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a method of making a 3D circuit carrier. USE - For making three-dimensional circuit carriers. ADVANTAGE - Enables even complex 3D circuit carrier structures to be activated and coated simply and rapidly.