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Mantellinienpruefgeraet fuer zylindrische Teile, insbesondere fuer Kurbelwellenzapfen

Surface line testing for crankshaft pins between flanges - clamping housing using lever clamp and having linear probe guide aligned to internal prismatic surfaces.
: Pavel, G.; Bartels, S.; Dutschke, W.; Linhart, C.; Schmidt, H.

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DE 1980-3046708 A: 19801211
DE 1980-3046708 A: 19801211
DE 3046708 C2: 19840517
Patent, Electronic Publication
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DE 3046708 A UPAB: 19930915 A housing clamped to the part contains a probe which can be moved along the surface parallel to the cylinder axis. The probe motion relative to the linear feed is indicated and/or recorded. The arrangement enables cylindrical surfaces to be examined between raised surfaces such as flanges and immediately after processing in the region of the processing area. Prismatic housing surfaces are clamped against the part by a lever system contg. a spring. The probe is supported on a carrier which moves along a straight guide aligned with the prismatic surfaces inside the housing. The carrier is moved along the guide by a linkage drive.