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Verfahren und Waermepumpe zur Gewinnung von Nutzwaerme

Heat pump system for room or water heating - uses sealed circuit employing gas sorption medium and two different adsorbents.
: Schmidt, H.; Strutz, J.; Gerritsen, H.G.; Muehlmann, H.

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DE 1985-3518738 A: 19850524
DE 1985-3518738 A: 19850524
DE 3518738 A1: 19861127
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EP 202662 A UPAB: 19930922 The heat pump system uses a gaseous sorption medium in a pressure sealed sorption system with two containers coupled in at least one line. The containers are filled with solid gas adsorbents having different characteristics, each acting as part of the heat exchanger. The heat energy is absorbed until a quasi-stationing counter balance is established with the subsequent heat stored by the first absorbent before transfer to the heat utilisation system causing cooling of the adsorbent. USE - Obtg. heat from environment or for utilising waste heat from industrial processes. 1/2