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Elektrodialyse-Membranstapeleinheit fuer Mehrkammerprozesse.

Multiple electro-dialysis chambers - have ion-selective membranes with bored frames and end plates of two types.
: Strathmann, H.; Schmoldt, H.

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DE 1985-3536778 A: 19851016
EP 1986-114106 A: 19861011
DE 3687441 CE: 19930107
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EP 219083 A UPAB: 19930922 Multiple electro-dialysis chambers are each formed between adjacent ion-selective membranes (30) laid on or affixed to frame surfaces stacked together. Each pair of adjacent cell frame members (3) are shaped as mirror-images w.r.t. an inter-mediate plane parallel to the membranes. On their end edges (1,2) pane members have supply and connecting bones (8,9:10,11) perpendicular to the membranes, each with a hydraulic cross-section of about 100-500 sq. mm. and alternating with main inlet and outlet bores (33,34) in end plates. Each pair of cell frame members has a fan-shaped pattern of distribution bores (4,5) with hydraulic cross-section 0.04-6.5, the two halves of the bore are in upper and lower meeting surfaces which provide flat seals for the bores. Two different types of frame and end plates can provide stacks for up to four different streams of process liq. USE/ADVANTAGE - For desalination or water purificn. plant or for recovering valuable ions from aq. solns. Sealing problems are reduced, and pressure conditions optimised. 2/8