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Accelerated ageing tests on repair coatings for offshore wind power structures

Presentation held at European Coatings Show Conference 2017, Nuremberg, Germany, 04th April 2017
: Buchbach, Sascha; Momber, A.; Plagemann, P.; Winkels, I.; Marquardt, T.; Viertel, J.

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2017, 48 Folien
European Coatings Show Conference <2017, Nuremberg>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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The paper reports on a statistical investigation into effects of surface preparation method, coating type and coating thickness on the performance of OWEA repair coatings under accelerated testing conditions. DoE (Design of Experiments) is used in order to design the tests and to evaluate the effects of the influencing parameters statistically. The ISO 20340 offshore testing scenario is utilized for the acceretaed ageing of the repair c oatings. The pre-existing coating on the test panel was pre-damaged (coating delamination and substrate corrosion) prior to the repair process. Results are presented in terms of statistical parameter interactions.