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Verfahren zur Formgebung gleitfaehiger Massen durch Druckfoerderung und Vorrichtung zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Pressure-assisted conveying method for homogenous/compressible materials with ultrasound injected into material and use of sliding agent, to change material consistency
: Garrecht, H.; Geissler, A.; Goetz, J.; Peciar, M.

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DE 2000-10024762 A: 20000519
DE 2000-10024762 A: 20000519
DE 10024762 B4: 20050623
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(A1) Bei einem Verfahren zur Druckfoerderung gleitfaehiger Massen in einen vorgegebenen Foerderquerschnitt wird in die Randzone des Foerderquerschnitts Gleitmittel eingespeist und in die gefoerderte gleitfaehige Masse und/oder das Gleitmittel Ultraschall eingekoppelt.


DE 10024762 A UPAB: 20020128 NOVELTY - Ultrasound is injected into a material with poor sliding behavior before it is transported. A sliding agent is fed into the edge zone of the conveyed width, upstream and/or downstream of the ultrasound injection point. Ultrasound may also be injected into the sliding agent. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The sliding material is for the production of molded parts of pastes, dispersions, or mixed materials with low fluid content, and using a fluid as part of binding agent. The material may be cement mortar, ceramic, or plastic, or components for burning may be fabricated from a compressed material. The process may be carried out in pipe lines or by extruders. USE - Fabrication of parts from pastes, dispersions, etc. with low fluid content. ADVANTAGE - Reduces drop in pressure in poorly sliding materials, prevents defects close to surface in molded parts.