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Verbesserte Mikrogele und Filme

Nanoparticles and films having molecule-specific recognition sites, obtained by emulsion polymerization in presence of molecular specificity-inducing agent, useful e.g. in separation, analysis or medicinal applications.
: Tovar, G.; Vaihinger, D.; Kraeuter, I.; Weber, A.; Brunner, H.

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DE 2000-10031859 A: 20000630
DE 2000-10031859 A: 20000630
EP 2001-960439 A: 20010702
WO 2001-EP7525 A: 20010702
EP 1299426 A1: 20030409
DE 10031859 B4: 20070809
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft molekuelspezifische Erkennungsstellen aufweisende Nanopartikel sowie Verfahren zu deren Herstellung und Verwendung.


WO 200202647 A UPAB: 20020516 NOVELTY - New nanoparticles (I), having molecule-specific recognition sites, have diameter 5-1000 nm and are obtained by forming an emulsion with two immiscible phases, containing monomer(s), molecular specificity-inducing agent(s) (MSIA), emulsifier(s) and optionally initiator(s) and/or crosslinker(s), then carrying out emulsion polymerization. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are included for the following: (1) the above process for preparing (I); (2) films/membranes (II) composed of particles, obtained by separation of (I) from latices; and (3) the preparation of the films, by filtering or drying latices containing (I). USE - (I) (specifically in microgel form) and (II) are useful in a wide range of chemical and/or biological molecular recognition applications, e.g. in the separation, sensor, analysis, catalysis, material production and medicinal fields. ADVANTAGE - (I) retain their molecular recognition function when incorporated in and/or on films (II). Elastic and mechanically stable, permeable and/or regenerable films (II) can be prepared. (I) are smaller and have more uniform morphology than analogous particles obtained by suspension polymerization; have controllable surface activity properties; and can be obtained in easily processed colloidal form.