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JOIN'EM - Dissimilar materials joining using magnetic pulse welding

Presentation held at IIW 2016, 69th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference, Melbourne, 10-15 July 2016
JOIN'EM - Fügen von Mischverbindungen mithilfe von Magnetimpulsschweißen
: Assuncao, Enrico; Coutinho, Luisa; Faes, Koen; Psyk, Verena

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2016, 20 Folien
International Institute of Welding (IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference) <69, 2016, Melbourne>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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magnetic pulse welding; joining; aluminium; copper; hybrid material

The manufacturing sector is faced with new challenges to remain ahead of the competition and abreast of regulatory requirements. This comes with the need to seek innovative approaches including the development of new materials and the ability to use different materials together in one component or structure. These challenges are part of a trend to manufacture lighter, safer, more environmentally-friendly, high performance and cheaper products. Scientific research as wll as successful industrial case studies have shown that the performance requirements of innovative products can only be met if the material properties are ideally adapted to the requiements, the load profile and the function of each individual component. The JOIN'EM project addresses current shortcomings of more traditional welding technologies when joining dissimilar metal combinations and it aims to create a cost-effective and practical way of joining aluminium and copper. Joining by electromagnetic forming (EMF), also called electromagnetic pulse welding, is a promising innovative technology which can be used for welding of similar and dissimilar matetial combinations, including multiple combinations, which are difficult or impossible to join using conventional processes. The Objective will be to give an overview of the current research.