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Netzwiederaufbaukonzepte: Mögliches Zusammenspiel zwischen Windenergieanlagen und thermischen Kraftwerken

: Becker, H.; Hennig, T.; Akbulut, A.; Mende, D.; Hofmann, L.

Fulltext (PDF; )

VGB Power Tech (2016), No.10, pp.57-62
ISSN: 1435-3199
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie BMWi
Initiative Zukunftsfähige Stromnetze; 0325776A; Netz:Kraft
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWES ()
Netzwiederaufbau; Windenergieanlage; Windpark; Virtuelle Trägheit

Large area electrical system breakdowns (blackouts) cause economic losses and restoration is a major challenge for the transmission system operator. The precise situation cannot be predicted because it is not known in advance which particular thermal power plant might manage to switch into house load operation and which neighbouring system survived, thus being strong enough to support restoration. Due to these huge variances it is difficult to develop a precise restoration path in advance. Today decentralised generators based on wind, PV and biogas do not contribute to restoration processes. The functionality with which they could support it is still not known. Planning and analysis of restoration strategies is usually performed by the simulation of large electrical systems because experiments can rarely be conducted at the system. These simulations require dynamic mathematical models which represent the functions of all generators being involved. An analysis of historical blackouts and the causes that have brought upon the situation are presented, followed by some potential functions that wind energy generators could provide to system restoration, as well as results of analysis of the interactions between wind energy generators and thermal power plants during the process.