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Combination of Tape Casting and Paper Technology for Producing Ceramic-Metal Composites and Their further Processing

: Härtel, Anja; Richter, Hans-Jürgen; Moritz, Tassilo

Ceramic forum international : CFI. Berichte der Deutschen Keramischen Gesellschaft 94 (2017), No.3-4, pp.E67-E73
ISSN: 0173-9913
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Metal-ceramic composite; green-in-green-tape casting; paper technology; Co-firing

The combination of materials and manufacturing methods opens up new fields of application. Among the consideration of material-specific properties, selected material combinations can be manufactured. An example is a combination of a stainless steel and a partially-stabilized zirconia as starting powders and subsequent processing into multilayer green films by means of a combination of tape casting and paper technology. These multilayer green sheets are converted into their final state in a co-thermal treatment. Applications in the field of medical technology, water purification or energy conversion open up a broad product portfolio. The following survey provides a brief overview of further application possibilities.