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Laser remote cutting of battery materials - processes for the factory of the future

Poster presented at 5th Workshop "Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries", Dresden, 21.-22.11.2016
: Baumann, Robert; Herwig, Patrick; Beyer, Eckhard

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2016, 1 Folie
Workshop "Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries" <5, 2016, Dresden>
Poster, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWS ()

It is well known that the global climate change is the largest challenge for the society of the 21th century. For managing the resulting consequences, innovative materials and production processes become more and more important for energy efficient applications. The remote laser cutting offers a compromise between high productivity and used energy per manufactured electrode. Fraunhofer IWS investigations consider that this technique has a high potential concerning cutting speed, which was increased more than 500 % compared to state of the art laser separation. Quality aspects such as spatter formation are the most important issues while cutting battery material with lasers. The remote laser cutting has the ability to reduce those spatter formations.