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Laser beam soldering - a new assembly technology for microoptical systems

: Banse, H.; Beckert, E.; Eberhardt, R.; Stöckl, W.; Vogel, J.


Microsystem Technologies 11 (2005), No.2-3, pp.186-193
ISSN: 0946-7076
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
laser beam soldering; fluxless processing; AuSn - solder; joining technology; assembly of microoptical system

Based on the development of an adhering and solderable layer system microoptical subsystems are joined by laser beam soldering. Fluxless processing with AuSn - solder (80/20 weight%) results in joints that are stable, leak-proof and that contain low mechanical stress. REM - investigations show that the joining area is homogenous. The paper will discuss a number of industrial applications.