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Ising-Bloch transition in the parametric Ginzburg-Landau equation with rapidly varying perturbations

: Michaelis, D.; Abdullaev, F.; Darmanyan, S.; Lederer, F.


Physical Review. E 71 (2005), No.5, Art. 056205, 7 pp.
ISSN: 1063-651X
ISSN: 1539-3755
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
Ginzburg-Landau equation; Ising-Bloch transition; stochastic modulation; varying perturbation

We study the effects of rapid periodic and stochastic modulations of parameters in systems described by the complex parametric Ginzburg-Landau equation. Amplitude equations, which govern the dynamics of the field averaged over the rapid modulations, are derived. For temporal modulations of the linear detuning the threshold for the transition from Ising to Bloch walls is shifted depending on the strength of the perturbation. In contrast to this, rapid perturbations of the linear gain lead only to a decrease of the amplitude of both wall types leaving the bifurcation point of the Ising-Bloch transition unchanged. Stochastic perturbations of the detuning lead to a Brownian motion of the Bloch wall beyond bifurcation where the velocity is given analytically. All theoretical predictions are confirmed by numerical simulations of the full stochastic Ginzburg-Landau equation.