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Modeling and simulation of thin sheet blanking using damage and rupture criteria

: Poizat, C.; Campagne, L.; Daridon, L.; Ahzi, S.; Husson, C.; Merle, L.


International journal of forming processes 8 (2005), No.1, pp.29-47
ISSN: 1292-7775
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
blanking; thin sheet; finite element simulation; MTS; NAG; Johnson-Cook

Because of the trend in the industry to smaller sheet thickness and higher stroke rates, modeling of blanking requires the development of advanced material models. Large plastic strain, high strain rate effects, adiabatic heating and the associated temperature effects, as well as damage and rupture have to be taken into account. In this study, two material models are considered: a physically based model for plasticity (MTS model) combined with a Nucleation And Growth (NAG) model for damage and failure and a phenomenological model for both plasticity and failure (Johnson and Cook, 1985). Finite Element predictions with both models are compared with experimental results and discussed.