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Management of a virtual technology development enterprise

: Schuh, Günther; Wellensiek, Markus; Nollau, Sebastian

Legardeur, J. ; European Research on Innovation and Management Alliance -ERIMA-:
Towards new challenges for innovative management practices. Vol.3, No.1 : Selected Papers from ERIMA 2010 Proceedings: International Symposium on Innovative Management Practices, 11-12th June 2010, Wiesbaden
Bidart: ERIMA, 2010
International Symposium on Innovative Management Practices <2010, Wiesbaden>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
Technologiemanagement; technology development; cooperation; network; management; virtual organization

For a large variety of technology development tasks, a company-external network is increasingly becoming the solution of choice. However, the laborious and time-consuming build-up of specific networks, the high complexity of network management, the lack of a single external access point and the often uncertain quality of results turn this option into a dead-end situation from the point of view of many companies. To resolve this dilemma, an innovative solution is suggested: The so-called Virtual Technology Development Enterprise enables the advantages of a well-kept network of partners via a structure similar to the Virtual Factory. A central coordinator, being the sole visible counterpart for the customer, leads case-specific networks for each technology development, with the participants being recruited from a managed pool of potential partners. The challenge in enabling this specific set-up, which has not been in the focus of research until now, is to define the roles, the cycle of activities and the cooperation within the network. For example, this involves the specific steps of steering a development project or in the controlling and revision of the available partners. In this contribution to the ERIMA 2010 proceedings, the new methodology will be explained and mirrored on already existing networks.