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Applicability evaluation of a laser light-mater interaction based computational tool on status tdentification of applied micro-structured coatings

: Zadra Pacheco, Mauricio; Vriesman, Daniel; Brüning, Hauke; Brune, Kai; Leite Cavalcanti, Welchy; Mayer, Bernd

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World journal of engineering and technology : WJET 5 (2017), No.1, pp.154-173
ISSN: 2331-4249
ISSN: 2331-4222
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

The current work aims at evaluating a proposed method based on a computational tool developed using Object-Oriented Programming to identify the status of micro-structured surfaces. In this case, these are micro-structured coatings with riblet microstructure developed by Fraunhofer Institute–IFAM, by building a graphical reproduction of the analyzed surface and calculating an expected laser reflection intensity acquired by a laser sensor device, the proposed method is assessed by using the simplest case: a flat surface, and an optimal case: an intact riblet surface. The results corroborate the calculations to be applied to further steps from more complex cases of degradation and to diverse riblets geometries. Based on Huygens-Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction theories, the calculations developed and demonstrated in this paper improved the nondestructive tests to support the status identification of the microstructured coatings, e.g. riblet structures based on shark skin used in shipping and aerospace industries. This work is assured required quality of the riblet coating identifying the number of structures and expected geometry using implemented calculations to foresee the laser reflection intensity acquired by a laser sensor device with 3 detectors, for instance, a riblet structure could be graphically reproduced, analyzed and completely identified based on the application of the theoretical optics applied on this work.