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Simultaneous detection of pH value and glucose concentrations for wound monitoring applications

: Jankowska, Dagmara A.; Bannwarth, Markus B.; Schulenburg, Cindy; Faccio, Greta; Maniura-Weber, Katharina; Rossi, René; Scherer, Lukas; Richter, Martin; Boesel, Luciano


Biosensors & bioelectronics 87 (2017), pp.312-319
ISSN: 0956-5663
ISSN: 1873-4235
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGB ()
Biosensor; Woundmonitoring; pH sensing; Glucose sensing; metabolites; functional hydrogels

Aging population and longer life expectancy are the main reasons for an increasing number of patients with wound problems. Although the interest in wound care increases continuously, wound management still remains a challenge mainly due to the higher occurrence of chronic wounds, which require intensive care and constant monitoring. Here, we demonstrate a fluorescent sensing system to monitor the wound status and to distinguish between an autonomously healing and a chronic wound at an early stage. The system allows monitoring two of the most relevant fluctuating wound parameters during the healing process which are pH and glucose concentration. A fluorescent pH indicator dye, carboxynaphthofluorescein, and ametabolite-sensing enzymatic system, based on glucose oxidase and horseradish peroxidase, were immobilized on a biocompatible polysaccharide matrix to develop a functional hydrogel coating for wound monitoring. The changes in metabolite and enzyme concentration in artificial wound extract were converted into a fluorescent signal.