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COGNIRON - the cognitive robot companion

: Hägele, M.

VDI-Wissensforum GmbH; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Robotik:
Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Robotics. ISR 2006, 37th International Symposium on Robotics, and ROBOTIK 2006, 4th German Conference on Robotics : May 15-17, 2006, München: Visions are Reality
Düsseldorf: VDI-Verlag, 2006 (VDI-Berichte 1956)
ISBN: 3-18-091956-6
1 pp.
Joint Conference on Robotics <2006, München>
International Symposium on Robotics (ISR) <37, 2006, München>
German Conference on Robotics (ROBOTIK) <4, 2006, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
COGNIRON; cognitive robot companion; Serviceroboter; Roboter

Volltext Research Projects Summary:
The objectives of COGNIRON are to study the perceptual, representational, reasoning and learning capabilities of
embodied robots in human centred environments. The project will develop methods and technologies for the construction of such cognitive robots able to evolve and grow their capacities in close interaction with humans in an openended fashion.
In the focus of this research endeavour is the development of a robot whose ultimate task is to serve humans as a
companion in their daily life. The robot is not only considered as a readymade device but as an artificial creature, which improves its capabilities in a continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills. Besides the necessary functions for sensing, moving and acting, such a robot will exhibit the cognitive capacities enabling it to focus its attention, to understand the spatial and dynamic structure of its environment and to interact with it, to exhibit a social behaviour and communicate with other agents and with humans at the appropriate level of abstraction according to context.