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Generation dependence of ICT device IEMI vulnerability

Paper presented at EUROEM 2016, European Electromagnetics Symposium, 11-14 July 2016, London
: Adami, Christian; Jörres, Benjamin; Jöster, Michael; Pusch, Thorsten; Suhrke, Michael; Taenzer, Achim

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2016, 1 pp.
European Electromagnetics Symposium (EUROEM) <21, 2016, London>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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IEMI; HPM; susceptibility; cell phone; tablet

Immunity of electronic devices against (I)EMI may be subject to generational changes since baseline technologies constantly evolve. We submitted mobile phones from time frames spanning sixteen years in total as well as two succeeding generations of tablet computers to HPM pulses in order to probe their robustness. Such devices are widely used in critical infrastructures, thus risking to present targets for IEMI attacks. While rising device complexity and miniaturization may imply problems, average immunity of newer devices has in parts even improved, possibly due to inner EMC concerns.