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Combining different or even contrasting material properties using two-component metal injection moulding

: Mulser, Marco; Petzoldt, Frank

European Powder Metallurgy Association -EPMA-:
Euro PM 2015 Congress & Exhibition : 4 - 7 October 2015, Reims, France; Proceedings USB
Stockholm: EPMA, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-899072-47-7
6 pp.
International Powder Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition (Euro PM) <2015, Reims>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Two-component metal injection moulding (2C-MIM) allows manufacturing multi-material MIM components with tailored properties. It can generate completely new design opportunities with enhanced functionality options for MIM products. Additional assembling operations are not required. Process improvements and extended experience concerning the interactions of powders at sintered interfaces advanced the 2C-MIM technology to the threshold to be launched for industrial production. In this paper, recent investigations on the process development for bi-material parts with contrasting properties as ferritic/austenitic stainless steel (magnetic/non-magnetic), steel/titanium (toughness/biocompatibility) and steel/cobalt chromium (toughness/wear resistance) are shown. The results showed that bi-material combinations can be achieved if the utilized powders and feedstocks as well as the process parameters are adjusted. Requirements for powder selection and methods to balance the shrinkage mismatches during co-sintering were developed and evaluated concerning processability, microstructure and bonding strength at the interface.