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Paper-thin ICs for Future Smart Label Applications

Papierdünne ICs für zukünftige Smart-Label-Anwendungen
: Klink, G.; Ansorge, F.

Electronic Forum GmbH, Backnang:
Flip-Chip & Chip Scale Europe 2001. Referatmappe
Böblingen, 2001
Vortrag 21
Flip-Chip & Chip Scale Europe <2001, Böblingen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZM ()
ultra thin IC; wafer thinning; flexible system; reel-to-reel assembly

One of the most growing markets for integrated circuits is the area of electronic tags, tickets and labels. These products will be the beginning of an emerging market of throwaway electronics, which will be fabricated in very high volumes, but also very low cost. To meet these aims reel-to-reel processes with high throughput have to be developed. For its flexibility and its property to be thinner than the substrate foil, ultra thin silicon are ideal for rolled substrates.