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Technological and simulative analysis of power skiving

: Klocke, Fritz; Brecher, Christian; Löpenhaus, Christoph; Ganser, Philipp; Staudt, Julian; Krömer, Markus

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Procedia CIRP 50 (2016), pp.773-778
ISSN: 2212-8271
Design Conference <26, 2016, Stockholm>
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPT ()
simulation driven design; manufacturing; process design; power skiving; gears; surface defects

Power skiving is a modern and productive machining process in the manufacturing of cylindrical internal gears and external gears surrounded by interfering contours. The influence of geometric process settings on characteristic values such as the chip thickness or cutting and sliding velocities will be investigated. Therefore, a numerical simulation based on a penetration calculation of the process is performed. With a demonstration part, cutting trials are conducted and the resulting tool wear is analyzed. Because chip welding can be a problem in power skiving, the investigation covers the influence of process parameters and chip geometry on chip welding, as well. The results support design and process engineers in the optimization of the power skiving process regarding productivity as well as quality