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Bayesian model for detection and classification of meningioma nuclei in microscopic images

: Wirjadi, O.; Kim, Y.-J.; Stech, F.; Bonfert, L.; Wagner, M.


Journal of microscopy 265 (2017), No.2, pp.159-168
ISSN: 0022-2720
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

Image segmentation aims to determine structures of interest inside a digital picture in biomedical sciences. State-of-the art automatic methods however still fail to provide the segmentation quality achievable by humans who employ expert knowledge and use software to mark target structures on an image. Manual segmentation is time-consuming, tedious and suffers from interoperator variability, thus not serving the requirements of daily use well. Therefore, the approach presented here abandons the goal of full-fledged segmentation and settles for the localization of circular objects in photographs (10 training images and 20 testing images with several hundreds of nuclei each). A fully trainable softcore interaction point process model was hence fit to the most likely locations of nuclei of meningioma cells. The Broad Bioimage Benchmark Collection/SIMCEP data set of virtual cells served as controls. A ‘colour deconvolution’ algorithm was integrated to determine (based on anti-Ki67 immunohistochemistry) which real cells might have the potential to proliferate. In addition, a density parameter of the underlying Bayesian model was estimated. Immunohistochemistry results were ‘simulated' for the virtual cells. The system yielded true positive (TP) rates in the detection and classification of real nuclei and their virtual counterparts. These hits outnumbered those obtained from the public domain image processing software ImageJ by 10%. The method introduced here can be trained to function not only in medicine and morphology-based systems biology but in other application domains as well. The algorithm lends itself to an automated approach that constitutes a valuable tool which is easy to use and generates acceptable results quickly.