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RFID reader and method for adjusting a frame length of an RFID system comprising an RFID reader

: Strauß, Wolfram; Heuberger, Albert; Robert, Jörg; Kenawy, Hamed; Elsaid Ibrahim, Hazem

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EP 3091477 A1: 20150507
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Embodiments provide an RFID reader. The RFID reader comprises a collision detector, a decoder and a frame length adjuster. The collision detector is configured to detect for each slot of a plurality of slots of a current frame, in which a collision of signals transmitted by at least two RFID tags occurred, a signal property of a signal of the signals transmitted by at least two RFID tags. The decoder is configured to decode for the slot in which the collision is detected the signal of the signals transmitted by the at least two RFID tags using the detected signal property, wherein a collision recover probability describing a probability that the decoder can accurately decode the one signal depends on a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the current frame. The frame length adjuster is configured to adjust a frame length of a subsequent frame in dependence on the collision recover probability.