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Sound System

: Faller, Christoph; Schmidt, Markus; Walther, Andreas; Borß, Christian; Saari, Ville

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EP 3089476 A1: 20150427
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A calculation unit for a sound system comprises input means, a processor and output means. The input means have the purpose to receive an audio stream to be reproduced using the sound system. The output means has the purpose to control the sound system based on a first and a second plurality of individual audio signals. The processor is configured to calculate the first plurality of audio signals such that beamforming is performed by the array and to calculate the second plurality of individual audio signals to perform, using the sound system, direct sound suppression such that sound is canceled towards a listening direction. Furthermore, the processor filters at least the second plurality using a second passband characteristic comprising a second portion of the entire frequency range.