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New material routes to polymeric solid electrolytes

Poster presented at Bunsen-Kolloquium "Solid-State Batteries II - From Fundamentals to Application", SSB 2016, 23.11.-25.11.2016, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
: Meyer, Wolfdietrich; Asaftei, Simona; Grothe, Dorian; Janietz, Silvia

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2016, 1 Folie
Kolloquium "Solid-State Batteries II - From Fundamentals to Application" (SSB) <2016, Frankfurt/Main>
Poster, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IAP ()
Festelektrolyt; solid electrolyte; battery; material; liquid ions

New polymeric solid electrolyte materials (PSE) on basis of acrylate and ionic liquid units are obtained by UV-induced (co)-polymerisation of photocurable liquid ionic compounds (PLICs) [1] and oxygen rich crosslinkers (ORCs) 1 which are investigated with respect to the ion conductivity of a battery [2]. This polymer exhibit mechanical robustness, high flexibility, homogeneous, highly amorphous characteristics in a wide temperature range and allows the construction of all solid lithium-based polymer cells. The reactive lithium electrode was pre-coated with a thin layer of a protective layer in terms of stability over a wide range of operating times.