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Concept for Determining the Focus of Technology - Monitoring Activities

: Schuh, Günther; König, Christina; Schön, Nico; Wellensiek, Markus

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World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. Online resource 8 (2014), No.10, pp.3320-3327 (International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering)
ISSN: 2010-376X
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Monitoring radar; search field; technology intelligence; technology monitoring

Identification and selection of appropriate product and manufacturing technologies are key factors for competitiveness and market success of technology-based companies. Therefore, many companies perform technology intelligence (TI) activities to ensure the identification of evolving technologies at the right time. Technology monitoring is one of the three base activities of TI, besides scanning and scouting. As the technological progress is accelerating, more and more technologies are being developed. Against the background of limited resources it is therefore necessary to focus TI activities. In this paper we propose a concept for defining appropriate search fields for technology monitoring. This limitation of search space leads to more concentrated monitoring activities. The concept will be introduced and demonstrated through an anonymized case study conducted within an industry project at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT. The described concept provides a customized monitoring approach, which is suitable for use in technology-oriented companies. It is shown in this paper that the definition of search fields and search tasks are suitable methods to define topics of interest and thus to align monitoring activities. Current as well as planned product, production and material technologies and existing skills, capabilities and resources form the basis for derivation of relevant search areas. To further improve the concept of technology monitoring the proposed concept should be extended during future research e.g. by the definition of relevant monitoring parameters.