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Anti-icing and anticontamination properties of coatings induced by surface structure

: Patzelt, Gesa J.; Stenzel, Volkmar; Geils, Judith; Stake, Andrej


Journal of coatings technology research 13 (2016), No.4, pp.589-596
ISSN: 1547-0091
ISSN: 1935-3804
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

The development of the first model coatings with innovative surface structures, anti-icing, and anticontamination properties could be implemented in the EU-project CleanSky. A porous aluminum alloy structure created by anodization was filled with fluid silicon oil polydimethylsiloxane. At the surface, the silicon oil was modified with vacuum ultraviolet-light to form a thin and solid hydrophobic layer. For further investigations, laser structured metal surfaces were copied and reproduced with a coating and afterward filled with fluoro-modified oils. Additionally, aluminum alloy AA2024 samples were pickled and treated with hot water to create micro- and nanostructures at the surface. These samples were also filled with different fluoro-modified and nonmodified oils. After application, the surface properties were analyzed with special tests for functionality regarding anti-ice and anticontamination properties.