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Growth and Differentiation of Myoblastic Precursor Cells on Thin Films of Metallo-Supramolecular Coordination Polyelectrolyte (MEPE)

: Belka, J.; Weigel, T.; Berninger, A.-K.; Kurth, D.G.; Nickel, J.


Advanced materials interfaces 4 (2017), No.1, Art. 1600272, 8 pp.
ISSN: 2196-7350
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGB ()

The interaction of cells with substrate surfaces is a key issue in tissue engineering. In a proof-of-concept study, the use of metallo-supramolecular polyelectrolytes (MEPE) as substrates for the adherent growth of eucaryotic cells is investigated. The chosen MEPE comprises iron(II), thus resulting in an overall positive charge of the surface, which is beneficial for cell adherence. Additionally, the metal ions can dissociate from the assembly thereby triggering cellular processes such as cell differentiation. As cell-based test system the well characterized cell line C2C12 is used. The investigated MEPE functions as noncytotoxic, biocompatible substrate. Additionally, the substrate positively affects the myogenic differentiation of the investigated cells. This proof-of-principle study suggests that MEPEs may be interesting as component for tissue engineering approaches.