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Effects of Methacrylate-Based Thermoresponsive Polymer Brush Composition on Fibroblast Adhesion and Morphology

: Anderson, C.R.; Abecunas, C.; Warrener, M.; Laschewsky, A.; Wischerhoff, E.


Cellular and molecular bioengineering 10 (2017), No.1, pp.75-88
ISSN: 1865-5025
ISSN: 1865-5033
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAP ()

Thermoresponsive polymers are being used increasingly in cell culture applications due to their temperature dependent surface properties. Poly(MEO2MA-co-OEGMA) (PMO) brushes offer tunable physical properties via variation in the copolymer ratio, but the effects of composition on cell-substrate interactions is unclear. To this end, a series of PMO brushes (0â8% OEGMA) was fabricated and L-929 fibroblast adhesion and morphology was quantified in the presence of serum (FBS) or after functionalization via the adsorption of fibronectin (FN) and vitronectin (VN). Quantification of the adsorption of model proteins, bovine serum albumin and FN, revealed that the extent of adsorption was correlated to the amount MEO2MA content, which represents the more hydrophobic component in PMO brushes. Cells exhibited delayed attachment and spreading on all PMO substrates in the presence of FBS. After 24 h, cell attachment was comparable; however, increased spreading was correlated with increased MEO2MA content.