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Modelling and simulation of grinding processes with mounted points. Part II of II

Fast modelling method for workpiece surface prediction
: Uhlmann, E.; Koprowski, S.; Weingaertner, W.L.; Rolon, D.A.

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Procedia CIRP 46 (2016), pp.603-606
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on High Performance Cutting (HPC) <7, 2016, Chemnitz>
Conference Paper, Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Due to the importance of high surface quality of machined parts, considering its functional requirements, it is important to select a proper set of grinding parameters. Experimental trials are material, energy and time consuming. Therefore it is relevant for the industry to use a roughness model capable of simulating different grinding kinematics with different sets of parameters. This paper presents a fast and reliable method, for the NC-grinding process with abrasive mounted points, to reach this demand. In order to achieve this, numerical and empirical experiments were conducted proving the feasibility of the model for conventional, oscillating and tilt surface grinding.