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Superfinish-machining of steel molds for injection molding

: Klocke, F.; Dambon, O.; Doetz, M.

21st International Scientific Conference Mechanika 2016 : 12, 13 May 2016, Kaunas
Kaunas, Lithuania: Kaunas University of Technology Press, 2016
International Scientific Conference Mechanika <21, 2016, Kaunas>
Conference Paper
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Machine integrated finishing with compliant tool holders could be a cost effective automation solution for manual polishing of large mold parts. To use the full technological potential of this solution, roughness models and a technology database have to be developed in order to enable process planning on an industrial level. Diamond turning is an established manufacturing process for finishing operations with a high geometrical freedom. Conventional turning is limited to non-ferrous, a few crystalline and plastic materials. The affinity between the carbon of the diamond and materials, like iron, leads to excessive tool wear even at very short cutting distances. The technology of ultra-sonic assisted diamond turning enables the direct machining of e.g. steel and combines the advantages of diamond turning with a higher range of machinable materials. The paper presents the process backgrounds of this technology as well as results in terms of surface roughness and form accuracy of machined molds.