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Brain lesion-pattern analysis in patients with olfactory dysfunctions following head trauma

: Lötsch, J.; Ultsch, A.; Eckhardt, M.; Huart, C.; Rombaux, P.; Hummel, T.

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NeuroImage: Clinical. Online journal 11 (2016), pp.99-105
ISSN: 2213-1582
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IME ()

The presence of cerebral lesions in patients with neurosensory alterations provides a unique window into brain function. Using a fuzzy logic based combination of morphological information about 27 olfactory-eloquent brain regions acquired with four different brain imaging techniques, patterns of brain damage were analyzed in 127 patients who displayed anosmia, i.e., complete loss of the sense of smell (n = 81), or other and mechanistically still incompletely understood olfactory dysfunctions including parosmia, i.e., distorted perceptions of olfactory stimuli (n = 50), or phantosmia, i.e., olfactory hallucinations (n = 22). A higher prevalence of parosmia, and as a tendency also phantosmia, was observed in subjects with medium overall brain damage. Further analysis showed a lower frequency of lesions in the right temporal lobe in patients with parosmia than in patients without parosmia.