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Influence of different seed materials on multi-crystalline silicon ingot properties

: Reimann, C.; Trempa, M.; Lehmann, T.; Rosshirt, K.; Stenzenberger, J.; Friedrich, J.; Hesse, K.; Dornberger, E.


Journal of Crystal Growth 434 (2016), pp.88-95
ISSN: 0022-0248
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IISB ()

Different silicon feedstock materials, Single Crystalline Crushed (SCS), Fluidized-Bed-Reactor (FBR) and Siemens (SIE) feedstock, were used as seeding layer for growing cylindrical shaped, high performance multi-crystalline ingots with a weight of 1.2 kg. Within the investigations a systematic variation of the particle size of the seeding material in the range of <1 mm up to 15 mm was performed. Grain size, grain orientation, and grain boundary type were evaluated at different ingot heights. These results show clearly, that the microstructure size, respectively the particle size for the crushed single crystalline material, determines the resulting grain structure in the ingot near the seeding position. If the microstructure size is equal to the particle size, as it is the case for the SCS material, the particle size has a significant influence on grain size, grain orientation, and grain boundary distribution.