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Separation of nanoparticles: Filtration and scavenging from waste incineration plants

: Förster, H.; Thajudeen, T.; Funk, C.; Peukert, W.


Waste management 52 (2016), pp.346-352
ISSN: 0956-053X
ISSN: 1879-2456
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IIS ()

Increased amounts of nanoparticles are applied in products of everyday life and despite material recycling efforts, at the end of their life cycle they are fed into waste incineration plants. This raises the question on the fate of nanoparticles during incineration. In terms of environmental impact the key question is how well airborne nanoparticles are removed by separation processes on their way to the bag house filters and by the existing filtration process based on pulse-jet cleanable fibrous filter media. Therefore, we investigate the scavenging and the filtration of metal nanoparticles under typical conditions in waste incineration plants. The scavenging process is investigated by a population balance model while the nanoparticle filtration experiments are realized in a filter test rig. The results show that depending on the particle sizes, in some cases nearly 80% of the nanoparticles are scavenged by fly ash particles before they reach the bag house filter.