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Discovering critical success factors for information technologies governance through bibliometric analysis of research publications in this domain

: Haussler Carneiro Ramos, Karoll; De Sousa Junior, R.T.; Vieira, T.P.B.; Lustosa Da Costa, J.P.C.

Information 19 (2016), No.6B, pp.2193-2207
ISSN: 1343-4500
ISSN: 1344-8994
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IIS ()

References to existing and related bibliography is considered an imperative requirement for a scientific publication. This fact sustains the hypothesis that bibliographies with high citation rates have a higher impact in a determined scientific field. Once the main scientific contributions in the literature are found, other aspects can be exploited such as identifying characteristics and properties of a certain topic. In this work, we find the authors with main impact in IT governance and, subsequently, we identify 64 critical success factors. Our results are obtained by investigating seminal works on IT Governance by means of bibliometric analysis and by considering the characteristic key words.