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Inhalation TTC values: A new integrative grouping approach considering structural, toxicological and mechanistic features

: Tluczkiewicz, Inga; Kühne, Ralph; Ebert, Ralf-Uwe; Batke, Monika; Schüürmann, Gerrit; Mangelsdorf, Inge; Escher, Sylvia E.


Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology 78 (2016), pp.8-23
ISSN: 0273-2300
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()
TTC; treshold of toxicological concern; inhalation exposure; repeated-dose; grouping; local effect; toxicity

The present publication describes an integrative grouping concept to derive threshold values for inhalation exposure. The classification scheme starts with differences in toxicological potency and develops criteria to group compounds into two potency classes, namely toxic (T-group) or low toxic (L-group). The TTC concept for inhalation exposure is based on the TTC RepDose data set, consisting of 296 organic compounds with 608 repeated-dose inhalation studies. Initially, 21 structural features (SFs) were identified as being characteristic for compounds of either high or low NOEC values (Schüürmann et al., 2016). In subsequent analyses these SF groups were further refined by taking into account structural homogeneity, type of toxicological effect observed, differences in absorption, metabolism and mechanism of action (MoA), to better define their structural and toxicological boundaries.