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Modified starch as potential water-based binder system for interior coatings

Presentation held at 67th Starch Convention 2016, Detmold, April 13th-14th 2016
: Gabriel, Christina; Wanner, Matthias; Wetzel, Hendrik; Radosta, Sylvia; Vorwerg, Waltraud

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2016, 32 Folien
Starch Convention <67, 2016, Detmold>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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Lackiertechnik; Dispersion; Bindemittel; Lack

With its worldwide availability and its low market-price native starch provides the potential for the use as a bio-based material. However, in its native form it is highly hydrophilic, not cold-water dispersible and only forms brittle films. So, our work aimed at the chemical modification of the structure of native starch for reaching cold-water dispersible hydrophobized starches with high solid contents ( > 30 % (w/w)) and viscosities between 100 and 1000 mPa•s which form continuous films for the application in the coating sector as binder, with a focus on paints and varnishes.