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Experimental performance of reinforced double H-block masonry shear walls under cyclic loading

: Ma, Gao; Huang, Liang; Yan, Libo; Kasal, Bohumil; Chen, Liang; Tao, Chengzhi


Materials and structures 50 (2017), Art. 70, 13 pp.
ISSN: 0025-5432
ISSN: 1359-5997
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
masonry shear wall; seismic behavior; cyclic test; failure mode

Ordinary reinforced concrete block masonry shear walls have some shortcomings such as abrupt change in the grout core cross section and permeation of grout concrete resulting in reduced integrity and seismic performance of masonry structure. To overcome these issues, the authors used a special type of core-aligned block (termed as double H-block) to construct shear wall, and the seismic performance of doubleH-block reinforced masonry shear walls was investigated by lateral cyclic loading test. Two large-sized double H-block reinforced masonry shear walls were designed and fabricated. Two axial compression ratios and two grout ratios were considered. The failure pattern, shear strength, hysteretic energy, and ductility capacity of the walls were analyzed. The test results showed that the doubleH-block masonry shear wall constructed in running bond exhibited integrity, high ductility and energy dissipation capacity. The bearing capacity of H-block shear walls decreased with the reduction of axial compression ratio, while the ductility increased. A model was also proposed to predict the shear strength of the grouted double H-block based on mechanical analysis of the internally grouted concrete. The accuracy of the model was verified through 30 H-block specimens under shear tests and it was found the grout ratio had a significant effect on the shear strength of the grouted double H-block. The model proposed by the Chinese masonry code was over conservative when the grout ratio was high. Finally, a modified shear capacity model was proposed and was found to be effective to predict the shear capacity of double H-block reinforced masonry shear wall.